Ektomorf - Destroy
Nuclear Blast
Death Thrash Metal à la Sepultura
12 songs (11'11)
Release year: 2004
Ektomorf, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Jack

Ektomorf returns with a new album on Nuclear Blast. It seems like Nuclear Blast is having the intuition to sign up the latest bands on the scene. They especially have the money to and after all it's all the best for us if they indeed can afford to sign all those bands rather than have them vegetate on smaller labels that do a great job but can't afford to promote their bands to a larger audience. It's been the case in the past with lots of other bands, Graveworm no to mention one, that could take advantage of the unlimited ressources of Nuclear Blast to come up with better stuff than they were able to.

"Feelings and emotions of devastation inspired the band to their new album. No better statement possible, for Destroy will definitely wreck every listener's mind! The fifth studio record of the Hungarian foursome shows all the trademarks Ektomorf became known for: aggressiveness, power and speed, but also groove and a slight touch of gypsy folklore accentuating their sound." I bet I couldn't say it any better than that. As I stated in my review of their previous album, the band has a lot in common with Sepultura and the restult is again very close to what our Brazilian heroes did best with the albums that lead them to end of the Max era. Indeed, just like Sepultura started mixing their own native influences on their albums, Ektomorf has been doing the same with their own Hungarian Gypsy Folklore and the comparisons has become even more obvious over the years. Besides, the band's mainman Zoltàn Farkas claims it: Max Cavalera is his hero and keeps brutally screaming in Ektomorf as Max did in Sepultura. The end result is really great as they use the same mixture of heavy, groovy, riff-orientated, pushing hardcore that the brazilian did at their peak when they came strongly on the international scene. However, the Hungarians still stick to their own style and the title will sum everything up. It destroys!

I have read reviews of this album before posting mine and some of the fellow reviewers around trashed the album because it was just a rehashed mix of Korn's debut and Sepultura's Roots album. Of course when someone rips off someone's else work, that sucks big time. But as I said it before, Zoltàn Farkas doesn't deny it and that's a good point for them, because if the listener knows that before picking up the album, then there might be no complaints at all. This album is the follow-up to their previous album, but also the somewhat follow-up to Sepultura early discography, and it's well done. You know it, so if you got it, don't complain about it.

Killing Songs :
Destroy, A.E.A., Only God, I Know Them
Jack quoted 75 / 100
Jay quoted 75 / 100
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