Unleashed - Sworn Allegiance
Century Media
Death Metal
14 songs (44'43)
Release year: 2004
Unleashed, Century Media
Reviewed by Jack

Unleashed... the name tells me something ! If I remember well, Unleashed's founding member Johnny Hedlund was in Nihilist who upon his departure became Entombed. Everybody probably knows it, but since I never listened to the band since their first album, Where No Life Dwells, I found it cool to tell the story. I had indeed in the dark ages bought their first album, but at the time I was living at my parents, I had too much money so I was buying nearly everything that was coming out, but honestly I have it on my shelves but never listened to it over the last decade and I don't intend to after listening to this new opus.... in fact I just found out that I don't have it anymore, don't really know what happened.

Winterland hits the speakers and 14 songs and 44 loooooooooooong minutes later the last notes of Long Live The Beast fade away and nothing, absolutely nothing in this album raised any interest in me. Maybe Attack taken from Slayer's Hell Awaits studio leftovers. I know Death Metal for I have been listening to it ever since the genre arose in the late 80es, but what Unleashed is doing is rather uninteresting, worthless and tasteless. Totally boring, short songs built from 2 very-very simple riffs, nothing interesting if I can copy past what someone wrote on our metal board. I played the album a second and third time, but still nothing. It's like women, sometimes some of them leave you totally indifferent, and I am afraid it's the case here with this seventh album of very indifferent quality. Very common riffage, uninteresting soloing, average drumming, etc.

The band indeed has stayed true to themselves, to their roots, but even Entombed is doing better shit nowadays (and they do big shit too). I really have something better to do rather than listening to this boring fast-paced tasteless death metal. 40 because it's for fans only.

Killing Songs :
Jack quoted 40 / 100
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