Lake of Tears - Black Brick Road
Noise Records
Gothic Metal
9 songs (39:09)
Release year: 2004
Lake of Tears, Noise Records
Reviewed by Jay
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2002’s "The Neonai" was the supposed farewell album of the Swedish gothic act Lake of Tears. They have since reformed with the original lineup and put out a top-notch album. The atmospheric influences have been dialed down and the band has returned to their roots playing stripped down gothic metal. A more welcome addition to the metal community, we could not expect.

Where should I begin when talking about this gem? It’s moody and filled with thick melodies that resonate in your head for hours on end. The almost upbeat and happy "Sister Sinister" is a repeat offender in this case. Clanging guitars and the Sisters of Mercy quality that is evoked in this song actually brighten my spirits surprisingly. The female vocals are a great touch as well and the chorus is unbeatable. While on the topic of unbeatable, how about the opener, "The Greymen" (a UFO reference) for unbeatable opening tracks? This is exactly how to open an album. Strong keyboard lines, forceful vocals and the perfect bassline. This is how gothic metal should be done. It was so great to hear a band make the formula work without it sounding contrived as many of the more recent bands do. You can see where a majority of Finland’s vast multitudes of goth bands draw inspiration from when you examine the craft of this song. This song is a sure bet to get stuck in your head. I found myself humming this one all time.

Lake of Tears has found the perfect sound for each instrument. The drums are balanced well with a soft kick and a taught snare. The cymbals linger and crash perfectly with each hit. The bass provides ample support on the low end and has some pretty creative parts that you wouldn’t expect normally. The guitar tone is consistent throughout the album and gives the music some great credence. The keyboards are what make the album however. Each track has some excellent work on the electronic front. The lines begin to resemble electronica and atmospheric style music at points except that the beats are totally different. "Dystopia" and the next track "The Organ" showcase the keyboards and the wide array of styles perfectly. "Dystopia" is far more upbeat and makes use of the more dancy keys to get it’s point across. "The Organ" couldn’t be more different. Highly atmospheric and gloomy, it’s a ballad that can induce tears and definitely provide the excellent background to an evening of love-making. Changing gears again, the crazy rock style of "Crazyman" proves that the band can only keep you guessing as they throw in a straight up rock track as a great album closer.

Lake of Tears is back. Black Brick Road is a fitting addition to their catalogue and is right up there with Headstones and A Crimson Cosmos. I could write a lot more but this one really speaks for itself. Truly magnificent!

Killing Songs :
The Greymen, Dystopia, The Organ, Sister Sinister, Crazyman
Jay quoted 90 / 100
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