Manticora - Root Of Eternity
Black Lotus Records
Power / Speed Metal
10 songs (57'09)
Release year: 2000
Manticora, Black Lotus
Reviewed by Danny

We were all waiting for Demons & Wizards (see review above). Blind Guardian meets Iced Earth !!!!!Believe it or not, but Manticora (Danish band) has also created this "unbelievable" merge. Their songs have this progressive Blind Guardian's touch and the guitars reminds me Iced Earth's power metal. Manticora is much more catchy, speedy, powerful and less atmospheric than D&W. I have to admit that the voice of the singer is "special" on first listening (no possible comparison with Hansi....but honestly who can). However, after playing this CD many times, you will see that he really brings another dimension to the songs. Even if it is "almost" always the case with power metal bands, the German "touch" is here (we think of Helloween's first years, especially for the guitars solos). Iced Earth meets Blind Guardian - power metal merge with progressive elements - you gonna love Manticora's music. OK, this is their first full album (mini album in 1998) and they are far from the above mentioned heavy metal masters. O.K. they haven't invented anything new, but it is a wonderful album. Finally, let's mentioned the excellent production of J. Hansen : very good sound that will open new doors for metal bands. Buy it.

Killing Songs :
When Forever Ends, Nowhere Land, Private Hell
Danny quoted 86 / 100
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