Edguy - Lavatory Love Machine
Nuclear Blast
Power Metal
4 songs (16'51)
Release year: 2004
Edguy, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Ben

The second single released to promote the stellar Hellfire Club is here, and I have to say, I’m a bit surprised as to what song the band chose for this. Lavatory Love Machine isn’t what you would call a typical Power Metal song at all, it is silly, it is stupid, it is downright strange, but it also one damn fun track to listen to. Edguy has always been a band that wasn’t afraid to have a little fun and this single proves it, from the hilarious cover art to the insane video that is also included. Along with the title track and video, you have an acoustic version of Lavatory Love Machine, an acoustic cover of Europe’s I’ll Cry For You, and a new ballad Reach Out. I was expecting the acoustic version of Lavatory to be a joke song, much like Life and Times of a Bonus Track, but it actually isn’t, it’s a very good translation of the song into the stripped down acoustic format. Think of Blind Guardian’s acoustic rendition of Bright Eyes but recorded live in the studio. The cover tune is also a nice one, and while I’ve never really given Europe a thorough listen, I actually like this song. It is also recorded live in the studio and is quite relaxing while still being very melodic and catchy as hell. Acoustic Edguy is awesome, they still have that same energy and passion playing this way as they do with their stacks of dozens of Marshall amps all turned up to eleven. I really wouldn’t mind hearing some of their songs in this format in the future, maybe a mini tour in this manner or some bonus tracks on the next cd like Evergrey did with The Inner Circle perhaps? Reach Out the new track, is obvious that it is a b-side. Piano, minimal orchestration, and Tobi’s voice, this reminds me of For a Trace of Life but not as good. Compared to the other two ballads on Hellfire Club, Reach Out is way too simplistic and the chorus could be improved a lot in terms of its structure. The reason I say that the song is simplistic isn’t because it is only piano, hell, When a Hero Cries is one of my favorite Edguy ballads and it’s all piano as well, I say Reach Out is simplistic because there isn’t too many dynamics and different hooks going off to grab your attention like Tobi’s differing vocal lines and phrasing in When a Hero Cries. Moving on to the music video and the highlight of this single, oh man, you have to see this for yourself! Tobias is decked out in a flower Hawaiian shirt, and is constantly making funny faces to the camera (although Eggi keeps up with him tit for tat in terms of being goofy) and the rest of the crew do their best 80’s cock rock impressions. I can’t really describe everything going on here, like I said you have to see it for yourself, but there’s Tobi and the stewardess, a guy in drag, the boys doing the “Pulp Fiction” dance, and Jens looking like a metal pimp. Honestly, this video is worth the purchase of the single alone and I have watched it probably a dozen times since I’ve had this, I just can’t get enough, it really is befitting for a band as wild as Edguy.

Killing Songs :
Lavatory Love Machine acoustic, the video, and I'll Cry For You
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