Tenebrae - Liber de Murus
Self Financed
Gothic Metal
6 songs (51:38)
Release year: 2004
Reviewed by Jay
Crap of the month

Continuing with the crap pile that I’m trying to get through, we have Tenebrae. This band is currently in turmoil after the departure of their keyboardist, female vocalist and guitarist. After listening to their demo and seeing them live, I can see why. Just like Jason Newstead jumping off the sinking ship that is Metallica, the other members wanted to exodus this sonic disaster before their names got further tarnished. There is nothing, NOTHING redeeming about this band at all. When you decide to record a demo underwater with $3 amps, expect the worst. Their male vocalist tries his hardest to emulate Lord Byron from Bal-Sagoth and fails spectacularly. A revolving door of members has led to a lineup that changes by day. Drummer Dan the Mighty cannot keep time and makes me loose my sanity. Tenebrae should give it up. Adding insult to injury, their website URL is www.thegreatestband.com This is just an express train of feces without breaks. Writing any more would give this band more credit than they deserve.

Killing Songs :
None whatsoever
Jay quoted 0 / 100
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