Dark Tranquillity - Haven
Century Media
Gothic / Melodic Death Metal
11 songs (43'11)
Release year: 2000
Dark Tranquillity, Century Media
Reviewed by Marc
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Dark Tranquillity is back with what can only be described as a mixture of death metal sound and gothic melodies. But what a mixture!

Compared to the previous release Projector, this one is heavier and sounds more like In Flames' Clayman. The clear gothic-style voice that was often heard in Projector has almost disapeared. Female vocals are gone too, leaving only the powerful and harsh death-metal voice.

But don't think this is a pure melodic death-metal album, the gothic part is there, in the melodies and in the keyboard which is very present on this album, providing a gothic touch, often in the background of powerful guitar riffs. Everything is seemlessly integrated proving Dark Tranquillity's talent for writing complex songs.

If you already like Dark Tranquillity, you can buy this one right away. If you didn't know them, this album is great way to discover this talented band. A "buy-asap" album!

Killing Songs :
Indifferent Suns, Fabric, Rundown
Marc quoted 93 / 100
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