Underboss - Compunction (Ep)
Grooving Metal
3 songs (11:00)
Release year: 2003
Reviewed by Jeff

Once in a while I have the distinct pleasure in reviewing material from bands that are local the metal scene by where I live. I was recently introduced to the music of Underboss by a coworker of mine, Eric Amadeo. One day he heard me listening to my MP3 player at work, from which he heard metal music playing. Upon his observance we starting getting into a conversation concerning music, which eventually led to the mention of Underboss. I told him if the band had a demo I'd be more than happy to review it. So Mike from Underboss sent me a three song demo from which this review will be based on.

Underboss hail from North Brunswick, New Jersey. They were founded in 2000 by drummer Rich See, bassist and lead vocalist Aaron Sturman and guitarist Dan Pizzone. This lineup released their first 3-song demo "Peeled Away". This demo helped Underboss earn a loyal and supportive fan base with some unforgettable live performances and a bone crushing sound that included infectious grooves and awe-inspiring hooks.

In 2001, drummer Rich See left the band and was replaced by Mike Donatelli. Once Mike joined, the creative gears of Underboss were spinning at full speed. In 2003, Underboss went back into the studio to record the Ep "Compunction".

"Compunction" is a three song EP. The music is mid paced to up-tempo and is very driving and rhythm oriented. Musically, it sounds like mix of Metallica meets Pantera and Down. The vocals sound like Phil Anselmo meets James Hetfield. The guitar sound is thick and compressed and sounds like it is tuned down an octave or two. There aren't any flashy lead guitar solos. The band seems to concentrate on melody without loosing focus on the heaviness, which is supported by a deep bass sound and some outstanding drumming patterns. The construction of the songs truly show that this is a band effort that takes three musicians to convey the music. Think of them as gears or moving parts that help a machine work.

Underboss are a promising young band and are already in the stages of recording their first full length album. I look forward to this release as I truly enjoyed the demo and it left me wanting more. For more information you can visit the bands website at http://www.underbossmusic.com.


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