Atrocity - Atlantis
Napalm Records
Death Dark Metal
15 songs (55'53)
Release year: 2004
Atrocity, Napalm Records
Reviewed by Jack

"One German is a philosopher, two Germans are a beer pub, three Germans are a heavy industry, four Germans are a world war, five Germans are Atrocity!" so says Arturo Guerra from Puebla in Mexico. I would then like to recommend to him a few more bands that are probably better than Atrocity, but this is another story, as everyone has his own personal tastes.

This German band has produced a really interesting piece of work here. It's one of those albums that includes all the components to make it epic and bombastic; a kind of innovative dark, death metal with slight touches of gothic and experimental music. Alex Krull probably knew where he wanted to go with this new album when he gathered the songs and the storyline, as the album reaches its climax towards the end, just when the story of Atlantis comes to an end. There's no doubt the band used a great amount of classical and epical elements in their music as the album turned out immensely heavy with thrashy, somewhat aggressive guitar riffs, but on the other hand, it remains epic and bombastic as the pompous background keyboards are still present, playing a vital role in the creation of the atmosphere, giving the music more depth. The result is a mix of heavy, gloomy and mysterious dark atmosphere that pricisely describes the doom of the Atlantis and the whole word as a musical concept of an atmospheric soundtrack with metal songs.

There's no doubt Atrocity crossed many barriers and moved forward over the years, and Atlantis is certainly the result of intensive hard work for the band, and the thing that really stands out on this release is how easily he managed to embark us on the doomed journey of the lost empire of Atlantis.

Killing Songs :
Gods Of Nation, Enigma, Cold Black Days, The Sunken Paradise, Aeons
Jack quoted 85 / 100
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