Ark - Ark
Rising Sun
Prog / Jazz Rock
7 songs (50'47)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Chris

O-oh ! Is it just me or does anyone else can hear what I'm hearing...

I hope not, actually I quite don't care but one thing is sure, I do not like the music and that's gonna be difficult to like the songs in these conditions. Okay I'm pushing it a little, it's not so bad (Chandler : yes it is !) and sometimes I'm amazed that it actually sounds very nice (accoustic and metal mix), but let's face it most of the time the songs are progressive and jazzy, with a super strange use of the drums, probably jazzy too, but you see the problem is that I don't like Jazz, not at all, it's like an allergy or something. And even though I might appreciate some progressive music from time to time in small doses, this is way too much.

The first song is OK, it sounds like Whitesnake meets Asia or something like that. As for the Whitesnake part it's mainly true because the singer has almost the same voice as David Coverdale (who said who ?). The second song is really nice as well, in the vein of the first one but with a more interesting chorus. After that it's just getting bad and I think the main reason of my rejection here is that the music is beat driven, and leaves very small space to melody, expect during some nice moments.

In the end there is a few moments to hold on too, like the first 2 songs which are quite nice, but the rest is too boring as far as I'm concerned and I'd say that if you love progressive stuff and some Jazz then check it out, as for the rest of people, who search power in metal, better avoid it. The production certainly don't help cause it reflects from the rest : very bad. Too bad, with such a voice it could be so much better !

Killing Songs :
Can you repeat the question please ?
Chris quoted 38 / 100
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