Hammerfall - Legacy Of Kings
Nuclear Blast
True / Power Metal
10 songs (45'13)
Release year: 1998
Hammerfall, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Chris

With the new Hammerfall album being recorded as we speak, I felt like reviewing what is one of the best power metal release of all time !

Hammerfall came out of nowere when they release their first and still one of my favorite albums : "Glory To The Brave", creating in the same time this huge True Metal wave that hit the metal scene and helped for it's revival ! Thank you guys !

Now this album... it starts with a metal hymn and one of Hammerfall's best song. "Heading The Call" have everything for itself, great vocal, both main and back, excellent chorus line, deadly guitar riffs and heavenly-melodic solo ! This is simply the best possible way of starting an album... and probably also a gig.

But it's not only that... no, the entire album is a pure wonder of epic metal. The second track bears the name of the album and is very different from the first one. A more "square" composition like we had on their first album. Hammerfall usually don't deliver catchy songs... you need to dig to discover what treasure you currently own.... Heading the call was somehow an exception in Hammerfall's song collection, but for the rest it needs many listens. When I first received the album I made the same mistake I made with th first one, listening to it only a couple of time and being disapointed... 2 years later I've put this baby back on my player and felt so stuuuuuuuuuuupid for losing two years and not having correctly judge this bombastic album. Being amongst the best of my albums, Legacy Of Kings is a full packed pleasure disk ! Another cover in this album, and from one of my favorite bands : Pretty Maids excellent Back To Back... as good as the original.

For those who don't know Hammerfall, they play a square and fair power metal.... their strong points are guitar, where they purely and simply write the book on how to make riffs (if you don't believe me listen to track 8 : "Stronger Than All") ! The vocal is also excellent, although you might not like it on first listen, but after a while you'll just love this voice !

To consume with no moderation at all ! My only hope in life now is that the coming album tops this one :)....

Killing Songs :
Every damn second !!!
Chris quoted 98 / 100
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