Velocity - Eleftheria (Freedom)
Black Lotus Records
Primitive Metal
12 songs (33'14")
Release year: 2003
Black Lotus
Reviewed by Alex
Crap of the month

This CD came in along with the other bunch of promos. I absolutely have no info on this Greek band, and I am not even going to look for it either. What came in as a throw-in became a throw-away.

I apologize if my review will not be very extensive or informative. Velocity’s sound is somewhat difficult to categorize. Not because it has a million influences, but because it is so primitive. A rough mixture of punk garage rock, hardcore and slight touch of death metal. It is safe to say that whoever writes music in Velocity is fond of Motorhead. Too bad there can only be one Motorhead and only one Lemmy, as Havoc draws inspiration from the Warted One with his beer soaked vocals.

With just about every short, generally under 3 min, song Velocity latches onto a two-three chord pattern from which they rarely stray. Supporting the guitar is no less inventive rhythm section. Some deviations from this blueprint, like a lead and some death riffs in track 5 or melody remnants in track 10 don’t save the CD. Meanwhile, Havoc does a Kilmister impersonation with the lyrics coming mostly, you guessed it from the song titles, in Greek. Since my knowledge of this ancient and well-respected language is equal to zero I can only guess the “message”.

I am guessing and may be coming up wrong here, but I believe Eleftheria (Freedom) is quite politically charged. Inside the booklet there are pictures of some tough dudes tattooed so there is no empty shred of skin left. Piles of skulls underneath stonewalls highlighted with Jewish Star above other cryptic signs intermingle with large pictures of George W. Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Sharon. Somehow I don’t feel that Velocity is really fond of those two and singing praises to their policies. Two or three English lyrics songs suggest fighting for freedom against “masonic domination”. Although I don’t like my metal politically charged, everybody has got the right to express an opinion, and I’d even listen to the “message” only if the music was there to support it.

Black Lotus Records gave Velocity the stage and released Eleftheria (Freedom). It is, no question, honorable to support local Greek bands, as long as they are good. On Thorns I Lay and Rotting Christ are awesome, power metal newcomers Wolfcry are pretty good, but this product, I am sorry, is hideous. It feels like an outburst by some group of guys who simply decided to vent in their garage. Then, why does the rest of the world need to hear it?

Killing Songs :
I can't say I liked any one of them
Alex quoted 25 / 100
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