Brimstone - Carving A Crimson Career
Nuclear Blast
Bombastic Heavy Metal
8 songs (40'04)
Release year: 1999
Brimstone, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Danny

I can already ear people saying "this album has been released in summer 99 !". You're right, but here at Metal Reviews, we really thing it has been badly quoted (French magazines....who ?). This is why we wanted to included this "bombastic" album in our first ever reviews. Let's talk about Jan-Erik Persson (front-man) : he started to listen to Dio, Maiden, Manowar, WASP and Twisted Sister and I guess he must loved Maiden's solos. He said in a Nuclear Blast's interview that for him "Heavy Metal should be a symbioses of melodies and aggressions". So did he succeed in writing this kind of music ? HELL YES. First, the solos guitars will explode your brain, stays forever in your mind and I will be very surprise if you don't break your neck while head-banging alone in your room like you never done it before (that's for melody). Secondly, his voice is so aggressive and fits perfectly well with this kind of music (Udo meets Chris Boltendahl of Grave Digger - that's for aggression). I have read that they are playing a kind of death metal (may be due to his voice "à la" In Flames, and even this category of fans will be impressed). Well for me it is more Running Wild meets In Flames. Anyway... Listen to it, and if you like the above mentioned bands, I take the bet you will buy it before the third songs starts. I am telling you that because it happened to me.

Killing Songs :
Breaking the Waves, Title Song, King Of My Kind
Danny quoted 89 / 100
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