Deicide - Scars Of The Crucifix
Earache Records
Death Metal
9 songs (26'41)
Release year: 2004
Deicide, Earache Records
Reviewed by Jack

I once bought a Deicide album. That was in 1992 and the album was Legion and just like this one, under 30 minutes of music. I know quantity doesn't necessary mean quality, but com'on, everyband can release albums longer than 30 minutes. If they don't have more than 30 minutes of new material, then why don't they just pick up a cover. Covers are great. Take Cannibal Corpse, their cover of No Remorse on Gore Obessed is a hell of a great cover. Did the guys in Deicide ever record a cover anyway ?

Scars Of The Crucifix is Deicide's seventh album. I never thought these guys would put out so many records, especially when you read Glen Benton's interviews a decade ago. At the time he used to say he would commit suicide before he gets 33 or something (that had something to do with the age of Christ or whatever). Now he is more than 35 and alive and well. Deicide is another pillar of the US death metal scene for more than a decade, but their sound hasn't evolved much over the years. Boring, fast paced, passionless and substanceless death metal with great soloing, that's what Deicide's music amounts to. The twin guitar attack and the great soloing are the only good points I see in this recording. Benton's grunts are so less enthusiastic as Chris Barnes' or Corpsegrinder's, not to mention John Tardy's. The other positive point is their lyrics. Fun to read.

Here is an album I will forget as soon as I withdraw it from my player. Its sole originality lies in its shortness. I have as much enjoyed the latest Cannibal Corpse album as I have not enjoyed this one. And by the way, my review has been done in less than 27 minutes too.

Killing Songs :
When Heaven Burns, The Pentecostal, Fuck Your God
Jack quoted 60 / 100
Jeff quoted 60 / 100
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