Sepultura - Chaos AD
Epic Records
"Tribal" Metal
12 songs (46'54)
Release year: 1993
Sepultura, Epic Records
Reviewed by Kris

Here we see Sepultura with the pre-Soulfly Max Cavalera in all their glory. Sepultura are a Brazilian band, with the name meaning "Grave" in Portuguese. Chaos AD, regarded by many as Sepultura's best, captures the rage and torment that fuels this heart-felt band. The thundering, unmistakable tribal drums pound relentlessly to the deep, powerful metal guitars and the pained, blood curdling screams of Max Cavelera.

Throughout Sepultura's musical career, Max's voice personified the suffering and anguish that plagues his people; Sepultura were beyond being a political band, they were the horrific cry of a voiceless people.

Everytime I listen to Chaos AD, I find myself moving my head to the mesmorizing rhythms - it's a unique, timeless, masterpiece. There aren't any "bad" tracks, and it genuinely is a struggle to name the two or three best songs? From the neck-breaking guitar/drum onslaught in "Slave New World", to the slower, almost hypnotizing tribal drumming in "Territory" - if you can appreciate this sound, you'll come to treasure Chaos AD.

Killing Songs :
Territory, Slave New World, Refuse/Resist, Propaganda... I could easily go on
Kris quoted CLASSIC
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