Deathstars - Synthetic Generation
Nuclear Blast
Rammstein inspired music
11 songs (41'20)
Release year: 2003
Deathstars, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Danny
Surprise of the month

Deathstars ? What an inspired band name ! How many bands (actors, singers, artists, etc) became famous after their ... death. I am sure you got the point :)

Deathstars ? What are we talking about ? A new death metal sound ? Another thrash metal band ? Not at all ! We are talking of synthetic gothic metal. Synthetic what ? "Not another metal genre please" can I read in your minds ! Don't worry friends, Deathstars have not invented the powder, nor a new metal genre. If you are fan of Rammstein, Rob Zombie and Lake of Tears - for the melancholic parts - you can continue to read the review. Otherwise, pass your way.

These Swedish musicians have been strongly influenced by Mutter (Rammstein), not to say Depeche Mode. The "new wave" touch is everlasting and has been merged with the "dance-metal" tempo originally created by Rammstein. The samples used here create a synthetic, organic and cold music world. As mentioned above, Rob Zombie and his industrial rock constitute another basement of Synthetic Generation, especially the vocal effects. Songs like Synthetic Generation, Automatic, New Dead Nation are immedialy assimilated and as the album goes by, the melancholic parts reminds me Paradise Lost or Lake Of Tears. Infrequently I have the feeling lo listen to a "computerized" version of Host or Believe In Nothing (both Paradise Lost albums), although the guitars are much heavier on Synthetic Generation. The vocals - dark and low-pitched effect - sound familiar to Paradise Lost, not to say Type O Negative.

Little Angel (sixth track) highlights the talent of these guys : a heavy and synthetic rhythm, with a catchy chorus, added to a "woman effect voice" in the back. The keyboards is intelligently used ... even though Deathstars appears "trapped" by this instrument. The seventh track, The Revolution Exodus, reminds me Endorama (Kreator), with this synthetic trademark. The production is enormous, so is the sound of the album. The mixing of Synthetic Generation is the work of Stefan Glaumann, who worked before with ... Rammstein. This isn't a real surprise.

One last word about the band : these guys have a "Swedish humor". Why ? Let me present you the band : Nightmare Industries (guitar, bass and keyboards), Whiplasher Benadotte (vocals), Beast X Electric (Guitars) and Bone W Machine (drums).

A nice surprise ...

Killing Songs :
Little Angel, New Dead Nation
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