Headstone Epitaph - PowerGames
Noise Records
True Metal
11 songs (49'03)
Release year: 1999
Headstone Epitaph, Noise Records
Reviewed by Chris
Another german band coming with the true metal wave and with this second album they are confirming that they're on the winners list. So the album start with a fast song called Riddle. A few minutes later the tempo and melodies of the second track makes you realize you are holding a good album ! The second track is nice and original, the vocalist (which has a good voice BTW) is singing the verse like old style rock'n roll and that's kinda cool ! The guitars are heavier, like they were used in the end of the 80'. The sound of the production is crisp and clear and the mixing is very good... Drums are heavy and omnipresent, the strong use of cymbals actually gives some personality to the songs, like a trademark. But you're not out of surprises when your player reaches track number 6... what a song my friends : From The Mountains To The Sea, so that's a true metal hymn song like I thought only Hammerfall and Rhapsody could deliver... but I was obviously wrong. The songs variety is really impressive, from true metal hymns, to standard heavy metal tunes (like Icon or Ratt used to do), speed/power metal ones... and even great ballads like Time ! And the singer Tim Benz is using a different style for almost all tracks which is very impressive... we'd better keep an eye on him (an interview perhaps ?).
Killing Songs :
Just For A Moment, Time, Over The Rainbow and From The Mountains To The Sea !!!!
Chris quoted 80 / 100
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