Crash Diet - Demo 2003
Self Financed
Glam Rock
7 songs (29'16)
Release year: 2003
Crash Diet
Reviewed by Ben

This demo from Crash Diet is an odd affair. It seems that the band doesn’t know what they really want to be musically. Their image is an over the top mixture of glam and gay fetish, with women’s underwear, poofed out hair, and fishnet stockings all making appearances which I could have lived without. Not even Poison or Nitro were this unbelievably womanish. Getting over that, the actual music has some shining moments, there are several pretty cool guitar solos and harmony leads and nice, heavy riffs, but then just as soon as you get into the actual metal aspect of the band generic 80’s cock rock guitar riffs come in and make the songs sound redundant. Lyrically things stay pretty base as we all learn that the guys “love the taste of cyanide and love the way it burns inside” or that “we play it, you scream it.” Nothing too memorable there and once again, very cut and paste of the original 80’s Glam scene.

The good moments appear in songs such as the opener, Gimme What I Need. This is the only song though that stays somewhat metallish the entire time. An updated version of Poison’s I Want Action lyrically this is alright. I don’t know who plays what in this band seeing as this demo has absolutely no lineup info (what NOT to do on a demo) so I’ll just say that the singer (at my best guess) is the guy that looks like he should be selling me nail polish at Sears and clenching his fist while leering uncomfortably at the viewer of the sleeve, has a decent range but he really strains in the upper registers, strains bad. When he only has to sing a few words or one line it can come off ok but when he does a full passage in this manner it is almost painful to hear. Out of Line gets ruined by the retarded lyrics and Queen Obscene starts off very promising but then goes back down into cock rock 101. Guitarist, black haired guy trying to emulate Nikki Sixx and can't but at least looks somewhat like a man instead of a woman, lays down some killer leads here and harmonics throughout the first forty seconds and even keeps up with a solid rhythm while Nail Polish Boy sings some good vocal lines. Pretty much every song on here is the same way. There are some actual great sections here and there but they are completely overshadowed by the generic as hell cock rock vibe of the band.

I actually do see some potential in Crash Diet. If they A. got rid of the drag image B. concentrated on the good moments such as the nice licks and leads and furthered those into whole songs of that nature and C. if Nail Polish Boy started some vocal training and can keep his upper registers under control then I can see Crash Diet releasing something on an actual label. It might only be Perris Records but something tells me that they wouldn’t mind.

Killing Songs :
Gimme What I Need
Ben quoted 51 / 100
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