Omen - Eternal Black Dawn
Crash Music
Heavy Metal
9 songs (46:02)
Release year: 2003
Crash Music
Reviewed by Jay

Omen is an example of a "has been" band from the 80’s that should have quit. They were on Metal Blade and had a bunch of releases in the mid-80’s that were quite mediocre. In their first release since 1988, they pick up exactly where they left off. This album is the virtual definition of mediocrity. There is nothing really inspired or original in their music. To top it off, many of the flourishes of other artists are missing in their below standard production and simplistic music. It is really a boring and uninspired piece of music that has nothing unique or extraordinary that will drive you towards it.

The title track seems to try and fail at copying an Iced Earth style riff. All the instruments sound distant and shallow. There is no power behind anything that is played. It seems as though it was being played without emotion or feeling. While it is technically perfect, it lacks a soul. I am not for one second convinced by Kevin Goocher’s vocals. He seems to be straining to get out notes that should be considered standard for a metal singer. “Burning Times” again owes much to Something Wicked... but cannot seem to convince the listener that anything interesting is going to happen. The music is just that. A rehash of the song before it with slight variations. The drum work may be terrific but aside from the comical-sounding snare and the pings of the ride cymbal, it is hard, if not damn near impossible to decipher what the hell is happening behind the kit, especially on double bass. The guitar riffs are simplistic and do not really go anywhere at all.

Blood Feud” rips off “Crazy Train” in many ways. From the screaming before the song begins to the homologous bass line to the copycat riff, it is a total crock. This song seems to be a hodgepodge of several Ozzy songs jumbled together in an incoherent mess. The solo uses echo effects to cover up the fact that it is a simplistic solo. The album closes out with two epic tracks “Chaos in the Cathedral” and “The Specter of Battles Past.” The first is basically the same riff and tempo for six minutes with a few sub-par solos thrown in along the way. There is nothing that differentiates it from earlier songs. The band seems to try harder on the latter song but not much. The instrumentation seems to pick up here but Goocher’s vocals are still atrocious. This song seems to be more in the Rhapsody epic vein but falls unbelievably short of their high standard.

Avoid this album if you can. If something compels you to purchase it, you have been warned. This band should have stopped with the last album in 1988. After all this time, a mediocre band does not mystically develop talent despite what their lyrics may suggest about magical powers.

Killing Songs :
Nothing on this album really stands out at all. The definition of mediocrity.
Jay quoted 55 / 100
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