Various Artists - Identity Eight
Century Media
Metal Compilation
18 songs (76:29)
Release year: 2003
Century Media
Reviewed by Mike

Identity Eight is the latest in the "Identity" compilation CD's from Century Media. These CD's are a sampling of some of the latest material Century Media has to offer. Prior to this release, I honestly had no idea that Century Media had a series of compilation discs such as this. Honestly, I normally ignore compilation discs. That's because I'd rather not spend approximately US$15 for a collection of songs for which I already own most of them. Well, this "Identity" series of compilation discs works out to be a very inexpensive way for you to sample numerous bands from the Century Media family. Currently on the Century Media website, the Identity 2 - Identity 6 discs can be had for only US$2 each. Identity 7 and Identity 8 are priced at $3 each.

Identity 8 covers a wide selection of Century Media bands, tilting more toward the extreme side of their catalogue. There are 18 bands in total, providing over 70 minutes of music. The tracks featured on this disc are:
Watch Them Die - Torn Pages (track from new album)
Arch Enemy - Leader of the Rats
Children of Bodom - Needled 24/7
Shadows Fall - Deadworld (from the Japanese EP Deadworld)
Haste - With All The Pride and Dignity of a Drowning Swimmer
My Ruin - Made To Measure
Eyes of Fire - Disintegrate
Nevermore - I, Voyager
Into Eternity - Spintered Visions
Moonspell - The Southern Deathstyle (track from new album)
Labyrinth - The Prophet
Passenger - I Die Slowly
Extol - Grace For Succession
Krisiun - Murderer (track from new album)
The Forsaken - First Weapon of Choice (rough mix from upcoming album)
Nightrage - Macabre Apparition
Carnal Forge - Bullet Proof God Material (Japanese Bonus track)
Skinlab - Beneath the Surface (track from new album)

Like I said, I'm normally not a fan of compilation CD's, but I do think this Identity series from Century Media is worthwhile, and thus deserving of mention on this site for our readers. This is a great (cheap) way to sample some bands that you may not have ever given the time to in the past. For those of you who don't like to blindly buy albums, this is a great way to pinpoint which releases are deserving of your hard earned money. Hey, you also get a great soundtrack to play in your car while out on a date!

Killing Songs :
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