Black 'n Blue - Without Love
Majestic Rock Records
Melodic Hard Rock
10 songs (36:26)
Release year: 2003
Majestic Rock
Reviewed by Mike

Black 'n Blue followed up their 1984 debut a year later with their second album entitled Without Love. The band picks up right where the debut left off. Produced by Bruce Fairbain, this album has a slick production that impressed Jon Bon Jovi enough to recruit Fairbain to produce the Slippery When Wet album. This album moved away from the NWOBHM influences of the debut and incorporated a more Euro Hard rock sound.

From the bombastic opening track, Rockin' on Heaven's Door, it is evident that the band has commercialized its sound somewhat. The band has gone for the stadium anthem sound on this album. Songs like Rockin' On Heaven's Door, Without Love, and Nature of the Beach are classic tunes to blast during the summer with the windows rolled down in your car. The chorus lines on this album are more over the top, yet they aren't too sweet. While the band has sacrificed a bit of the crunchiness of the first album, there is no doubt that the songs on this album are more melodic and addictive in nature, much like you'd hear on a Bonfire or Pretty Maids album. Without Love also sees the band introduce some well placed keyboards on this album. Like the first album, all songs on this album are very strong and enjoyable. Whereas the first album rocked from beginning to end, Black 'n Blue throw a couple of balladesque tunes our way with Miss Mystery and the bluesy Two Wrongs. Miss Mystery is a well done ballad with some nice keyboard textures, but I find Two Wrongs to be rather forgettable. The long out of print Japanese pressing of this disc included a cover of Aerosmith's Same Old Song And Dance, which is not included on this remastered version.

Overall, this is a fine sophomore album for Black 'n Blue, featuring the polished production of Bruce Fairbain. Although not as consistent as the debut, there are no truly weak tracks on this album. The first half of the disc really stands out, while the second half is just "good." Still, if you like the debut album, I highly recommend this album as well.

Killing Songs :
Rockin' on Heaven's Door, Without Love, Nature of the Beach
Mike quoted 83 / 100
Jeff quoted 86 / 100
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