Destruction - Metal Discharge
Nuclear Blast
Old Fashioned German Thrash
10 songs (39:07)
Release year: 2003
Destruction, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Jay

Some things never change. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Metalheads will have long hair. Fred Durst is a sophomoric moron who should be executed on national television during halftime at the Super Bowl. Destruction releases an album of thrash. This album is typical Destruction and sometimes, it’s good not to change.

The drum attack on this album is comparable to any other album. The wacky solos and the bass lines are standard fare. The only real difference between Metal Discharge and previous Destruction is that Schmier uses more vocal effects than he has previously. The guitar sound is the same one that they have used their entire career so far. Some fans will find new favorite songs in the album opening crusher “The Ravenous Beast.” This track manages to emulate old thrash quite well. It reminds me of 1985 Slayer, Megadeth and oh yeah, Destruction. Every element is there. No mistaking what this music is attempting to be. Destruction, while they may not make the most original music have no pretensions about what they play. “Savage Symphony of Terror” is one of the more memorable songs on the album. Again, the lyrics involve tearing people apart. The verse has a quite memorable riff and Schmier’s voice sounds close to Dave Mustaine on this track.

Another cut, “Desecrators of the New Age” starts off with one of the most textbook thrash styled riffs ever written. These guys prove time and time again that they know what their audience wants. Verses that build to bombastic and memorable choruses. This song doesn’t disappoint in that vein. “Mortal Remains” is yet another song that follows this path. A little more down tempo, this track has some killer parts and a really cool breakdown. The title track is another sonic assault on the senses with double bass and an Iced Earth styled riff that has been thrashified. The final track is the only one that really seems to break with protocol. “Vendetta” has a drum intro that utilizes interesting fills and patterns, some of which aren’t usually found in metal. Of course, it comes right back to the thrash blueprint a few seconds later. The track also ends with a sound effect of a nuclear blast.

Thanks Destruction. Some bands never change.

Killing Songs :
Metal Discharge, The Ravenous Beast, Savage Symphony of Terror
Jay quoted 70 / 100
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