Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses
Roadrunner Records
Gothic Metal
14 songs (73:24)
Release year: 1993
Type O Negative, Roadrunner Records
Reviewed by Jay
Archive review

People wondered for years whether Type O Negative were the best joke that had ever been played on the Goth scene (and their own label) or just a group of amazingly talented musicians with a twisted sense of humor. After 14 years, it is safe to say that the latter proved true. Their combination of satire, humor and skill easily created one of the most unique bands ever. After playing to two sellout shows at their old haunt, the L’amour nightclub in Brooklyn (which was immortalized on their first album), they proved that no matter how big they get they will still have soft spot for the fans they first tortured when they began.

Bloody Kisses is the album that they built their fan base on. The success of the “Black No. 1” video and relentless touring earned them a platinum album. This then enabled their future success. This album is a sharp contrast to their first one. Adding more harmonies and pop melodies propelled the goth metal into a new level. Their first album basically dispelled the last remnants of Peter Steele’s first band Carnivore. Cuts like “Set me on Fire” and a cover of Seals and Croft’s “Summer Breeze” show their more melodic side. The thrash style is still evident on cuts like “Kill all the White People” and “We Hate Everyone.”

The overriding force behind their music are the dramatic vocals of Peter Steele. While Kenny Hickey does sing a significant portion of the music, Steele writes most of it. His vocals can range from 80’s era hair style, to thrash to his famous cheesy vampire style. Without Steele there would be little that separates Type O from the slew of goth bands out there. The wit this band possesses is almost unmatched in music today. The only other band that even comes close is Cradle of Filth. Steele is obviously making fun of the hardcore gothic scenseters and rivetheads who plague the shows. His lyrics reflect spoofs of his own personal emotions. This is a band greeted by chants of “You Suck!” at all of their New York shows, only to respond with “Fuck You. You paid money to see us so who really sucks?”

Can’t Lose You” is one of the more overlooked songs on the album. The sitar is reminiscent of later era Beatles of which the band has a particular interest in. “Blood and Fire” is a perfect example of gothic rock taken to its logical conclusion. Distorted guitar, cheese saturated keys and an ominous mood get the job done well. Type O manages to perfect the goth sound while rebuking it at the same time in their lyrics. Truly magnificent. Another fan favorite, “Christian Woman,” certainly helped them build their fan base. Steele’s vocal delivery is perfect here and the keyboard melody certainly drives the song. The crunchy riffing evokes shades of the industrial movement despite the fact that this one is pure metal. The mystical aire and wonder of this song provides the background for a tale about an unfaithful lover. It is great music to fuck to.

For anyone interested in Type O, this is the album you must own. It set the bar for goth metal and created a framework for all other bands to emulate. If that isn’t reason enough, their sarcasm and humor of it should be the motivational force for you to buy this album. If not, just like the band, You Suck!

Killing Songs :
Black No. 1, Christian Woman, Blood and Fire, Summer Breeze, Set Me On Fire
Jay quoted 99 / 100
Jeff quoted 100 / 100
Shane quoted 83 / 100
Keegan quoted 93 / 100
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