Cradle Of Filth - From the Cradle To Enslave
Music For Nations
User Friendly Black Metal
6 songs (32:01)
Release year: 1999
Cradle Of Filth, Music For Nations
Reviewed by Jay
Archive review

I decided to review this EP because, to me, it represents the perfect usage of the EP configuration. Most bands release EPs to tide fans over until the next album comes out, give fans a collection of rare or bonus material or to release a few new songs or covers. Regardless, EP’s should be chocked full of goodies that would not otherwise make an album. Cradle of Filth managed to do that perfectly with the EP From the Cradle to Enslave. Two new songs, three covers and two remixes.

The title track was a new song when this was released. In terms of Cradle of Filth’s career, it was a turning point. The first video they ever made was for this song. Their sound was somewhat transmogrified from earlier incarnations. The harsher, more black sound they had used on previous albums was absent in favor of more listener friendly melodies and arrangements. It seems a good blend of black metal chaos and glossily produced fluff. The guitar provides a hook that is sure to embed itself into your head and have you humming it all day. They keyboards are haunting and remind you of what Cradle should sound like. This is my all time favorite song by Cradle. “Of Dark Blood and Fucking” hearkens back to their more black sound. It is faster and thrashier than the title track. The keyboards are the most annoying thing about this song. I don’t appreciate the swashes which only detract from the insane guitar riffing. Somehow, this song reminds me of Saxon. This easily takes care of the new material requirement of the EP, now onto the covers.

Cradle is one band that can cover virtually any song and make it their own. The Misfits are an obvious influence on Cradle. Included is their cover of “Death Comes Ripping.” This cover is a masterwork because it not only captures the sound of The Misfits but it manages to incorporate the attitude and aggressive style of the source material. Dani manages to turn in a spectacular vocal performance reminiscent of Danzig himself. His own ornaments to the vocals fit well. “Sleepless” is an Anathema cover and allows Cradle to showcase a side that is capable of doing slower, ballad type music as well. The song features a terrific base line and superb keyboard usage, which makes up for earlier mistakes. The inclusion of this song was a perfect choice to breakup the speediness of the album in general. “Dawn of Eternity” is a cover of Massacre and holds up to the original. The guitar work is spot on once again and the drumming sounds better than it ever has. This is included on the US release of the EP but not the European release. I’ll explain this more in a second.

Pervert’s Church” is the song included on the European release instead of “Dawn of Eternity.” This song is an ambient trance remix of the title track. Since this style of music is much more popular in Europe, I can see why it was included. It uses samples from the track and mixes them over a beat. I won’t speak much more on this track since this is METAL reviews but from what I can tell, it’s better than most of the trance I’ve ever heard before. “Funeral in Carpathia” has been reworked for this release too. It is slightly shorter and several parts have been cut from it. The song isn’t too badly butchered from the original and the speedy breakdowns are still present.

Cradle of Filth are the underdogs of metal. On the verge of mainstream success and hated by the community they came up with. One of these days, people are going to have to re-examine this band and realize that they are one of the most talented outfits in metal today. They overcame a scene that hated them and have managed to do so while maintaining razor sharp wit the whole time. Hunker down haters, Cradle isn’t going anywhere.

Killing Songs :
From the Cradle to Enslave, Death Comes Ripping
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