Satellite - A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset
Metal Mind Records
Neo Progressive Rock
9 songs (72'00)
Release year: 2003
Metal Mind Records
Reviewed by Danny
Surprise of the month

This band was founded in 2000 by Wojtek Szadkowski - author and co-author of nearly all of Collage music & lyrics. At first it was not a band, this was more or less Wotjek's project. These guys played without any commitments or plans for recording an album. However - like it is almost always the case when you are in front of good material - there came an idea to record and to release the new stuff as Satellite. For our "die-hard readers", this is the most "soft & light" progressive rock album I ever reviewed. To give you an instant idea, let's say that Satellite is an excellent "merger" of Genesis, Arena, Yes and Asia. Yeah, nothing really metal here ! So you might wonder why we do review this one ? Because, this is good stuff :)

If you are a fan of Shadow Gallery - Tyranny is one of the best prog metal album I have in my CD collection - you will find some parallelism with Satellite. If you remember I Believe or Hope For Us - both songs taken from Tyranny album - A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset walk on the same poetical path. Of course, you won't headband on this one or loose weight while jumping all around the room with your invisible guitar. Far from that actually. You might however play with your fingers on an invisible keyboards.

Here we are talking of an atmospheric ambiance, where the guitar plays with the sky - Pink Floyd - where nearly every song is full of space and where the voice of Robert Amirian reminds you the ballad of Marillion. A very quiet ambiance indeed. Sometimes the tempo takes a ride - a light ride - like it is the case on No Disgrace and Now, but A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset sounds very progressive. Lots of instrumental ride, lots of breaks, lots of changing vibes, lots of emotions like Phil Collins used to do in the 80's with Genesis. And the good news here is that this music is digest. The ultimate song that comes to my mind when I listen to A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset is Dire Straits' Private Investigations.

Considering the length of the record - 72 minutes ! - and considering the high quality of the music offered by these talented musicians, songs like The Evening Wind, On The Run, Midnight Sun have a therapeutically effect : if you are stressed or angry, I highly recommend you to listen to this CD. Hit the play button, close your eyes and you will discover - as I did - that music is a never ending path "playin"g with your emotions and opening secret doors hidden inside yourself.

This is what A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset is all about : the discovery of your own hidden emotions ...

Killing Songs :
The Evening Wind, On The Run, Midnight Sun
Danny quoted 78 / 100
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