Elwing - Immortal Stories
Cult Metal Classics
Epic Power Metal
11 songs (54:57)
Release year: 2003
Elwing, Cult Metal Classics
Reviewed by Jay
Surprise of the month

Elwing like so many recent bands hails from Greece. At the mention of this country, Danny and Chris start doing back flips. However, like many other bands, this one is sure to make their mark on metal very soon. While the power scene of late has been lagging (where is the new Rhapsody album already?), Elwing are going to stir things up with this spectacular first attempt which only shows hints of future greatness.

From their album cover alone, you can see that these guys have been heavily influenced by Manowar. The artwork is that of Ken Kelly who has done many of Manowar’s album covers of late. The vocals are not high and soaring like Eric Adams though. Elwing has the perfect combination for straight up power metal except for high vocals. This is one area they should look into. While the guitar attack is perfected, the vocals leave you wanting more from the band. Shades of Old Blind Guardian and Gamma Ray are definitely evident. In “Illusion,” The music begins slowly with just your basic speed metal riff and setup. Gradually, sounds, tracks and vocal lines are added. At the end, there is a nice acoustic breakdown which acts as a fitting conclusion to the song. You could definitely see this band touring with a large power act. “Thor” has a Celtic arrangement and treads close to songs by Cruachan in the mix. This song does have a high scream but it is one of only a few on the album. The chorus vocals are almost like happy Viking music; a contrast to the conception of this style that Storm and Bathory have. It is really a gem on this album and Elwing show they have mastered this thing called songwriting.

The album is not without fault. “Something to Believe in” is a seven-minute clock-watcher. It sounds like a cheap rip-off of “The Crown and the Ring” by Manowar. The drums aren’t as bombastic, the vocals are nowhere near par, the guitar sounds more like Pink Floyd than Karl Logan. This mistake should have been placed last on the album, not square in the middle. This song is really the major sticking point that really takes points away from this release. They managed to get the album opener correct though. “Holy Sword” (“Emerald Sword” anyone?) has a bombastic intro followed by a powerful blast of pure metal. The choral riff is quite similar to old school Maiden riffs and you can tell that Maiden must have ruled their lives at some point as well. The demo version of this song is also included as the second to last track. You can really hear how this song progressed to its final form. The guitar parts have been shaped to a more coherent and tight attack with a better solo. The vocals have been tweaked as well. The production on this album is quite good as well as the songwriting. “Altered Beast” is another favorite. Sounding more like Helloween than anything else is the theme of the song here. While the high vocals of Kiske/Hansen are not as prevailent, the track still shreds and many of the classic power gimmicks are incorporated well.

If you like your power metal without keyboards, definitely go with Elwing. You get the Finnish soaring sound without the keys in the back. It’s pure guitar attack and metal shredding. Keep your eye on this one guys.

Killing Songs :
Holy Sword, Thor, Illusion
Jay quoted 78 / 100
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