Strong Intention - Extermination Vision
Coalition Records
Grindcore with trash elements
14 songs (16'56")
Release year: 2003
Reviewed by Alex

To set it straight, I rarely listen to grindcore. So, on one hand, do not expect exact comparisons and descriptions of what Strong Intention sounds like. On the other hand, wouldn’t it be interesting to read an opinion of non-grindcore fanatic about this album?

Formed in 1993, this Maryland outfit, temporarily disbanded in 1995, only to come back in 1996 with only one bandmember remaining from the original line-up. Extermination Vision marks their third major release.

If extreme speed and aggression is the name of the game for grindcore Strong Intention delivers. And then some. The band blows through 14 tracks in less than 17 min like a furious tornado. It is fast, faster and fastest. I am thoroughly impressed how one can handle guitar at this breakneck speed without everything becoming a garbled noise. And this is where I had my problems with some of the grindcore bands in the past. It all blurs into one cacophonous blare. I have to say this is why I was impressed with Strong Intention, that it wasn’t one continuous racket. Just when it is to go over the brink, the band pulls it back a smidge to either slow it down, throw a lead, or go into a more structured thrashy riff. This, in fact, what probably separates Strong Intention a lot from its cousins - the ability to mix in thrash metal cleverly into their tracks. The leads can be twisted and chaotic, but then all of sudden a sense of togetherness will visit and the track, no matter how short it is (some less than 1 min), is complete. I am not sure if it is breaking all of the conventions here, but the opener Panic in Zero Year and the closer Next of Kin even feature some, gasp, melody.

Vocals are what you would typically expect from a grindcore team – screamy, no growls. Here and there, another voice, of lower tone, provides a background.

If you decide to give it a try I advise you to go on the band’s site and read the lyrics. The guys have a message. They are not screaming their lungs out because their dog died or their girlfriends left them. No, Strong Intention is politically charged, angry at the pathetic society they live in, and sometimes sound downright apocalyptic.

If grindcore is your thing, I am sure you won’t be disappointed. It will smack you in the face hard. If you don’t care much for this style of extreme metal, just like yours truly here, I can assure you Strong Intention is definitely not the worst the genre has to offer. You can give it a try, just like you would sample a spicy ethnic food otherwise unfamiliar to you.

My quote probably reflects my overall lack of familiarity with the genre, so, please, don’t judge me harshly.

Killing Songs :
Panic in Zero Year, Suffocation, Earthgrave, Next of Kin
Alex quoted 65 / 100
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