Epica - The Phantom Agony
Transmission Records
Gothic Metal
9 songs (51'51)
Release year: 2003
Epica, Transmission Records
Reviewed by Jack
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Epica is the new band of former guitarist of After Forever Mark Jansen. The band's first moniker was Sahara Dust but the band changed the name in a tribute to the band Kamelot, of which the band members are all great fans. In addition to this Epica is a place in the universe where all the answers to vital questions are to be found. A meaning that fits perfectly with the tenor of the lyrics. Recently another meaning was added. Not so long ago Epica was giving a concert in Belgium. Everything went great. At a certain point of time something happened between the stage and the audience. At the end of the concert the audience was chanting the name of the band: ‘E-pi-ca’, ‘E-pi-ca’. It sounded excellently. There and then the band decided that Epica had been the right choice.

The first time I listened to this album a couple of weeks ago I said to myself that this band had a great potential, but they could go further in their musical journey and come back with a stronger album. But of course I had to listen to this album a couple of more times and this is how I really got into this magnificient album. In fact there could be so much to say about the wealthness of this album that I don't really know where to begin ! Imagine someone who had the chance to travel for years around the world and then come back to his homeplace and had so much to say to everyone. Then imagine this guy is not using words to say what he has to say, but instead uses music. Mark Jensen might not have travelled around the globe, but one might believe he had because his music shows so many different influences. Indeed musicwise this album reminds me alot of some Therion works such as Theli or Vovin. The whole album is even more orchestrated, but also oriented metal than might have been the later, and it shows the works of a very open minded composer. What is so great too about this musical project is that Mark Jansen gathered a bunch of great musicians who helped him achieved this already highly acclaimed result. Simone Simons is a hell of a great singer and she contributes even more to the success of this album.

This album is a complete success and it proves again that metal can be exciting as never before. Besides, where every established bands tend to repeat themselves over and over again, there seems to be some folks out there that might have something to say.

Killing Songs :
The whole album
Jack quoted 90 / 100
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