Burning Point - Feeding The Flames
Limb Music Products
Epic Power Metal
12 songs (50'28)
Release year: 2003
Burning Point, Limb Music Products
Reviewed by Chris

The second album of Finland's Burning Point might not have invented powder, but it has the merit to be much better than their debut album. The band is showing more consistent songs and a much more constant album.

Burning Point's music could be described as Epic Power Metal, in the vein of Hammerfall with a touch of Neo-classical (like the beginning of the song Stray Bullet or the instrumental track Malmikivi), though they probably draw their influences a bit more in the past with bands like Accept & Judas Priest. They are no match for Hammerfall in both production and sheer right-in-the-face power, but they surely can give a lesson about song-writing. There are some nice highlights throughout the album, with nice and catchy melodies. The guitar work is quite good, riff based songs with some beautiful and technical solos as well. The big surprise is the progress of the vocalist, no doubts there the vocals are much much better in this second offering (actually reminds me some Custard vocals from time to time). Unlike most Power Metal bands the songs aren't all fast in general (and the pounding double bass-drums is rarely used). There are quite many mid-tempos (and ballads) like the very refreshing Veil Of Secrecy or I Am The Silent One where the singer can demonstrate the extend of his progress over previous album.

Production is quite good, but the band would probably beneficiate from a better one. The art cover is also much better than the first album, a beautiful illustration, which fits this album like a glove.

Overall I fear this album will be overlooked with the tons of stuff being released in this category. But I'm glad to see that Burning Point is working hard, and most certainly learning as they go. This album is much stronger than their debut and they should be commanded for it. I must say that I had doubts about the bands (not musically), especially due to the singing performance of the first album (which makes me wonder if it's really progress or a new singer altogether, no offense -but congratulations instead - if the later is false). A very nice surprise indeed. I hope they will continue upon this path and deliver a killer 3rd album : I'm sure they can do it. Keep up the good work guys !

Killing Songs :
Into The Fire, Voice From The Past, Quicker Than The Eye, Resurrection Machine, All The Madness & Feeding The Flame
Chris quoted 73 / 100
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