CJSS - Kings Of The World
Spitfire Records
Hard Rock
12 songs (49'14)
Release year: 2000
Spitfire Records
Reviewed by Danny

After Zanister last year (Symphonica Millennia), David T. Chastain is back with CJSS and is a continuation of what he started over 10 years ago. The less I can say is that this unbelievable virtuoso guitarist doesn't stay in one band (or in one project) for long time. CJSS has never "officially" broken up, but with members just drifted into their own projects and after a few "reunion" shows last year, they went back in studio and recorded Kings Of The World (third release of the band).

Zanister was a good surprise last year and this one is again a wonderful demonstration of what can be US heavy metal. It might "sound" a bit old for some of you, but if you like the 80's with this new sound, you should really asked your "metal-merchant" to play it for you. The singer, who reminds me Quiet Riot's singer (same guy ?) is really great.
A MUST for fans of old Manowar or Armored Saint.

Killing Songs :
Kings Of The World, The Final Frontier, The Executioner's
Danny quoted 80 / 100
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