Exodus - Force Of Habit
Capitol Records Inc.
Thrashy/Bluesy Power Metal
13 songs (66:67)
Release year: 1992
Exodus, Capitol Records Inc.
Reviewed by Ger
Archive review

Not having heard a lot of Exodus stuff, I hope I can be as unbiased as I can in this review.

From what I have heard of Exodus, this album seems to be more groove oriented but it still seems to maintain the thrashy edge that Exodus are so well known for. The solos are still really killer and flow seamlessly with the music. For the most part, the drums are fairly unadventurous and mainly follow the guitar riffs but kick in with some nice fills every now an again. The singing is pretty annoying, a bit like a mix between old Exodus and Jello Biafra (Lard and Dead Kennedys for those who don't know), and got on my nerves really easily.

The songs are all fairly solid with a few surprises (Bitch in particular has some really weird brass ensemble blasts in the song and Feeding Time At The Zoo has a very weird intro). But with 13 songs totalling just over an hour and five minutes, the album can get quite repetitive as a lot of the songs sound the same.

This was Exodus's last release and while a decent album, not the greatest note to finish on. It's a fairly average album, not ground breaking but not completely horrible either. If you're a hardcore fan, pick it up, if your looking for a real thrashy album, check out their earlier stuff. Make up your own mind about this one.

Killing Songs :
Me, Myself And I (mainly the intro) and When It Rains, It Pours
Ger quoted 69 / 100
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