Greyswan - Promo 2001
Self released
Gothic Metal
3 songs (22'05")
Release year: 2001
Reviewed by Alex

For some droning guitar sound works, for some it doesn’t. For some it brings on the mood of sorrow and pensiveness, for some it translates in boring records. I can’t explain what it takes to work for me personally, it is just a feeling that I get. Count Italians Greyswan among those who explore this sound to the fullest on their 3-track demo, and make it work … at least for me.

When I heard bits and pieces of the demo opening track Sleepless Night, I had to hear the whole thing. Clean male wailing vocals, alongside the aforenmentioned droning guitar riffs, kick things off for the first 3 min or so of the song. At that point a middle instrumental break dribbles in, and the guitar plays a distorted melody. When vocals come back, the melody and voice exist in two parallel universes, with the latter fading away and being replaced by a clean piano melody in the end. Overall feeling is that of a “soft” atmospheric depression. If I could make a comparison this is a small hallucinogenic pill, not a hardcore drug. It will make you feel sad, but not put you on the brink of a suicide.

The other two tracks on the demo continue in the same vein. Droning guitars, mostly distorted melodies and both passionate, and at the same time, standoffish vocals. Tragic End features a rhythm change midway through a song which makes the track almost radio friendly at some point.

I would have liked a bottom end and bass drums emphasized a little. At times rhythm section is not even heard, but I am sure this can be taken care of with next, better, productions.

I can see how many will cite Anathema, Katatonia and Lacuna Coil influences, but in my opinion the band was honest in the way they reflected their feelings. This music comes from the heart. They could not have come up with a better moniker either. Greyswan – something beautiful yet tarnished with sadness.

As with any 3-track demo the jury is still out whether the band can make a full-length album interesting throughout. Although, this is a very good start. All info you need on

Killing Songs :
Sleepless Night
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