GB Arts - The Lake
B.Mind Records
Melodic Metal with Progressive Tendencies
10 songs (51'59)
Release year: 2000
GB Arts, B.Mind Records
Reviewed by Ben
Archive review

Well this was a pleasant surprise. On a whim I picked up The Lake to review and I am quite pleased at my choice. GB Arts is a talented, progressive-like band, I say progressive-like because they have some elements of Dream Theater but still retain a "simple" type of structure to their songs and dont lose the listener. The singer, Markus Brand, has a powerful and emotionally rich singing voice and their keysman Andreas Beckmann is an extremely talented player with some rich and beutiful piano passages interspaced throughout the songs. This isn't a fistpumping headbanging type of album though, it is more of an album you have to dedicate your time with to fully appreciate it. Some guest musicians make appearances as vocal guests, Peavy from Rage and Dirk Thursich from the now defunt Angel Dust.

Songs that stand out to me are hard to pick because the album is best taken in as a whole. Yes, there are tracks that stand out above the rest but after just one or two listens its hard to remember them. A Voice is one such track. It is a showcase for all the individual members talents with one of the better piano interludes on here. An odd track pops up with My New World with a quirky type intro that delves into an odd time song. The Chosen One is a denite highlight it is rich with emotion and has some cool samples in it as well, I also like the story the lyrics tell. Other songs that get honorable mention are Old Warriors and The Darkness is Over.

The Lake isnt an album for fans of speedy double bass driven majestic melody type metal only, it is one that needs to be digested fully for a complete experience. GB Arts is a band with talent and need more recognition than they have, give em a shot, they might surprise you like they did me.

Killing Songs :
A Voice, Silver Rain, The Chosen One
Ben quoted 72 / 100
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