Antimatter - Saviour
Icon Records
Atmospheric Mood Rock
9 songs (44'55)
Release year: 2002
Antimatter, Icon Records
Reviewed by Jack
Do you know who is Ducan Patterson ? Come on I know you know it. Ducan was Anathema’s original bass player since the very beginning of the band until the album Alternative 4 in 1998. Do you know who is Michael Moss ? I have no clue who he is.

Now I know these two guys teamed up to found a new band called Antimatter. They recorded their first album Saviour in Academy Studios in September 2000. I am sorry if the review is coming a couple of years after its release, but I just recently got my hands on this album as we haven’t received anything from them at the time. The line-up consists of Duncan Patterson on bass, guitar, keyboards and programming and Michael Moss on guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals and programming. On this album they invited a couple of feminine guests to handle the majority of the vocals. Michelle Richfield, female lead singer in Sear, handles the vocals duties for Saviour, Holocaust, Over Your Shoulder, Psalms, Angelic and The Last Laugh. Hayley Windsor, female lead singer in Drug Free America, handles the vocals duties for God Is Coming, Angelic, Flowers, The Last Laugh and Going Nowhere. There is no doubt that those two ladies have both an emotional and passionate voice and brings a lot to all the atmospheres the band is carving on that album. They also had a some male guests such as Les Smith (Cradle Of Filth) and Brian Moss for the sampling and Mags who handles the lead guitar on Going Nowhere.

Those among you who expected Duncan Patterson to come back where Anathema left on Alternative 4 will be disappointed because the musical trend where Antimatter expresses themselves has very little to do with Anathema’s earlier stuff, if nothing in common at all. Some of the atmospheres reminisce of Pink Floyd which has always been a great influence for Anathema. Antimatter could not be reduced to a clone of Anathema and certainly does not aim to. They would rather present themselves as playing a marvellous relaxing smooth atmospheric and melancholic mood rock with haunting melodies. I definitely meant it because this sombre and mystical music is sometimes very minimalist although it manages to maintain an electronic rock edge due to its experimental electronics (God Is Coming).

This first album is indeed very peculiar and might surprise many of you who claimed to be open minded as there is almost no metal to be found here. But we all are open minded metal fiends and we don’t want to miss such an opportunity to bend towards such beautiful atmospheric musical landscapes.

Killing Songs :
Saviour, Over Your Shoulder, Psalms, Going Nowhere
Jack quoted 80 / 100
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