Satyricon - Volcano
Black Metal
8 songs (54'33)
Release year: 2002
Satyricon, Virgin
Reviewed by Jack
Is this Satyricon ? I mean the same Satyricon that released Nemesis Divina in 1996 ? I just cannot believe my ears. This new album has very little to do with their previous material. Well, I must admit I have not listened to their 1999 Rebel Extravaganza so I am pretty surprised by their new material. The precursors of the black metal scene such as Dimmu Borgir have turned out mainstream, other bands such as Ulver have turned electro, other bands such as Emperor have given up stating they had nothing more to bring to the scene, and finally some other bands such as Mayhem keep on playing it true. Now Satyricon has signed to a major label and are brought to mass media. Do you really think the so called mass media would even care about them ? Some of my friends being cattle themselves, following the mass media haven’t even heard the name Satyricon. I believe those who call themselves true black metal warriors might find themselves very much offended but I might only feel sorry for them if the band has managed to raise money. That’s why people are in this business, otherwise they would just work nine to five, wouldn’t they ?

I admit I am struggling giving Satyricon and this album a musical trend since the music has nothing to do with what they used to play about a decade ago. Their sound is somewhat colder and clinical whereas their earlier releases were warmer and more colored. It remains in the black metal vein, but there is more than that. A lot more than that. The tempo showed on this album has slowed down a lot compared to Nemesis Divina. None of the songs are outstanding on this new album, but some of them manage to give a glimpse of what Satyricon could be if the Frost and Saryr were able to line up eight songs of identical high level. For instance Repined Bastard Nation has an incredible riff and some great soloing and is really an killing song, but on the other hand songs such as the opener With Ravenous Hunger and Fuel For Hatred lower the quality of this album. Some average female vocals accompany Satyr throughout some of the songs but they fail to bring that extra something those kind of vocal performances are supposed to create. Black Lava clocking at 14'31 is the last song on this album and something really special is given off this song. It's as if the band had assembled the best from every song to come to that one.

This album don’t do very much for me except that I enjoyed listening to some of the good songs featured on this album, but in overall I find it more or less boring and without much interest although there is indeed here and there some great ideas.

Killing Songs :
Repined Bastard Nation, Black Lava
Jack quoted 65 / 100
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