Blistered Earth - All Thrashed Up and Nowhere To Go
Bay Area Style Thrash/Speed Metal
3 songs (21:20)
Release year: 2002
Blistered Earth
Reviewed by Jeff
Surprise of the month

Blistered Earth. Remember that name!. Make it part of your daily vocabulary! Why? You'll have to read on to find out what all the suspense is that I'm building up to........

I only found out about Blistered Earth this past week when listening to my friend's online underground webcast metal show called "Audio Agression" (for more info click here) . After listening to this three song demo "All Thrashed Up and Nowhere To Go" by Blistered Earth, I can tell you that my interest in trying to discover and review unsigned and lesser known bands has increased tenfold.

Blistered Earth is a classic bay area style thrash metal band from Massachusetts. When first hearing the song "Among The Legacy" I could immediatley make comparisons to old school Metallica (Kill Em' All) and Testament (The Legacy). In fact, the vocalist is such a dead ringer for a young James Hetfield that it's scary! "Faded Glory" and "Throne Of Dirt" are two more songs that were re-recorded for 2002 with faster, better vocals and more intensity than the originals. If you didn't know who you were listening to you'd swear that these songs were lost demos or unreleased tracks from Metallica in the early 80's. From the vocals to the guitar riffing and drumming, this stuff is killer that it's sad there are only 3 tracks to this demo. Overall, the production and musicianship is good. Why they aren't signed yet to a major label is beyond me. This band takes over where Metallica should have continued. They have already opened up for bands such as Blind Guardian, Manowar, Cannibal Corpse, Shadows Fall, Opeth, and Dying Fetus.

So if your looking for a band to bring you back to the glory days of bay area style thrash/speed metal, then give Blistered Earth a try. You can sample and download Blistered Earth tracks here. You have to sign up in order to download the MP3's but it's free.

Also, visit the band's website

Blistered Earth. Remember that name. Make it part of your daily vocabulary, for the day will come when this band is grouped with the likes of Iced Earth and Blind Guardian.

Killing Songs :
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