Manowar - Louder Than Hell
Geffen Records
True Heavy Metal
10 songs (50'10)
Release year: 1996
Manowar, Geffen Records
Reviewed by Ben
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Louder than Hell in my opinion, is one of Manowar's most inspired if not best efforts. The songs here range from the simple, anthemic, fistpumpers, to out and out headbanging madness and even epic grandiose songs as well. I'll admit I used to be one of those people that lauded Manowar as pure metal cheese but it wasn't until I heard songs such as Return of the Warlord, King, and Outlaw when I realized "Damn, this band is amazing. Im a dumb ass for ignoring them all these years."

Track one is the godly asskicker Return of the Warlord. This is one of the best songs Ive ever heard. It is over the top it is proud, it is defiant, it is FUN. The guitar is fairly simple with a chug-chug-chug-chug type rhythm, but what sells the song to me are the lyrics and subject matter. With lyrics that are about drinking to metal, riding motorcycles, punching out teachers, and wearing leather this is the perfect road tune for driving a hundred miles down the freeway with your hair flyin' in the wind. Now what would a Manowar album be without a song about the brotherhood of metal. Brothers of Metal pt 1. is next and well you can figure it out from the title what its about. This is another simple yet catchy song that makes you feel proud to be a metalhead. The Gods Made Heavy Metal follows suit and along with Return of the Warlord, this is the second huge smash hit monster song on the album. Hooks galore, a huge chorus that begs to be sung along with and lyrics that make you want to strap on a sword and go kill posers in the name of metal, this is what The Gods Made Heavy Metal is, a perfect true metal anthem. Musically speaking its still fairly simple but hey when I listen to Manowar I dont expect them to bust out with A Change of Seasons.

Courage is next and is a very moving ballad with the high class stamp of Manowar. It is very emotional and in my opinion it ranks right up there with Heart of Steel. After the breather that was Courage you have the midtempo song Number 1. I like this song but it doesnt really seem to have the power and conviction that the rest of the album has so its rather lacking. Next is Outlaw, the only true speed metal number on Louder Than Hell, with some blistering fretwork and high octane drumming it puts you in a metal thrashing mad frenzy. King (other than the similar names) reminds me of the track Blood of the Kings off of (hey!) KINGS of Metal. Both are huge bombastic epics with medieval styled lyrics and gang chants in the chorus'. Today is a Good Day to Die and My Spirit Lives On are two instrumentals that blend together to create a moving atmospheric feeling that takes you away for twelve minutes to somewher else, most likely Manowar's intention was to take you to the misty lands of Valhalla itself but hey that's just my guess. The Power rounds out Louder Than Hell and to be honest I sort of wish it had ended with the completely bad ass duo of Today and Spirit cos The Power just gets sort of redundant and isnt worthy of closing such a fine album.

Well lets see here , youve got our godly, ass kicking, pool cue over the head road tune with Return of the Warlord, got your "Hail Metal" songs with Brothers of Metal pt 1 and The Gods Made Heavy Metal, got your speed metal song with Outlaw, got your ballad with Courage, got two medium tracks with Number 1 and The Power, and fianlly, you have your huge epics with King and Today is a Good Day to Die / My Spirit Lives On. This IS Heavy Metal. To rip off the Kings of Metal "If you're not into Manowar, you are not my friend."

Killing Songs :
Return of the Warlord, The Gods Made Heavy Metal, King, The Power, and Today is a Good Day to Die / My Spirit Lives On
Ben quoted 92 / 100
Jeff quoted 95 / 100
Jay quoted 100 / 100
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