Dominion III - Life Has Ended Here
Napalm Records
Electronic Industrial
7 songs (43'47)
Release year: 2002
Dominion III, Napalm Records
Reviewed by Jack
Napalm Records is a record company that I worship. First of all, they found some real talents such as Tristania and The Sins Of Thy Beloved 5 years ago, but also because they have expanded and are now finding more and more talent. Secondly, their folks are really great when it comes to business topics (hi Karl). Finally, they give some of their Austrian based local bands or even some German bands the opportunity to express themselves through this label. Over the years, Napalm Records has released albums of non traditional heavy metal bands along the likes of Antichrisis, Dargaard, Die Verbrannten Kinder Evas, Dominion III and Saltatio Mortis among others. If you read my review of Saltatio Mortis, you know I don’t necessary like everything that comes from Napalm Records.

Tharen (that’s a name, not a band’s moniker) is the guy behind Daargard and Dominion III (can someone tell me what the III stands for ?). He also once was a part of Austrian black metal cult band Abigor. On Daargard he teams up with female vocalist Elisabeth Toriser… who is Dominion III's female vocalist as well. In fact, the only difference between the Daargard and Dominion III line up is Lanz (that’s a name as well) who plays all guitars and bass guitars for Dominion III. After Dargaard’s debut release Eternity Rites, Tharen's interests turned to the development of a new style of music. He founded this new band and released their first album The Hand And The Sword in 2000. Dominion III’s second full length Life Has Ended Here was released last September. I admit I am not fond of this apocalyptic electronic industrial music which is characterized by hard and aggressive rhythms combined with hopeless and sinister soundscapes, distorted male vocals and angelic female vocals. It sounds to me more like a movie soundtrack than anything else.

Just as I said last week in my Saltatio Mortis review, I suppose if there are people listening to black metal, then there must be people listening to this kind of sound. I am sorry once again if this review hurts anyone, but I really don’t like this stuff.

Killing Songs :
Jack quoted 30 / 100
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