A Lower Deep - A Lower Deep
Heavy/Dark Metal
10 songs (41'25)
Release year: 2002
A Lower Deep
Reviewed by Danny
A Lower Deep was established in 2001 "as the result of more than a decade of perseverance and frustration by its four individual musicians". Bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath (especially), Metallica, Slayer or Queensrÿche are said to have influenced this young US band. They are "proud to wear these bands close to the heart of their music". Now if you ask me, there is another direct influence in their music : Iced Earth, the first three Iced Earth albums to be precise.

The production of this self-financed album is pretty good as a powerful sound expects you. The combination of Iced Earth and Black Sabbath spirit would be the best description in fact. Billy Mullican (vocalist) sounds sometimes like King Diamond or Warrel Dane, not to mention Midnight or Matthew Barlow. Now don't misunderstand me : Billy doesn't imitates, he is simply a talented vocalist influenced by the best singers around and when he will find its own path, this guy will score for sure! Now, like it is the case for the wine, the older the better.

Strong tracks are The Breed, What Dreams May Come (Iron Maiden influenced riff), Misanthrope's Lament (Iced Earth influence), Solitary Throne (atmospheric song). The song writing is of course very influenced by the above mentioned bands, but there is this small little detail added by the band that creates this atmospheric feeling, this pounding pressure. If I can give here a little piece of advice : more structured melodies will help the band to leave the underground scene.

An impressive reached level for a first shot, which combines thrash, power, atmospheric and melancholic elements. A talented band that still needs to leave behind their direct influences, although all great bands started this way : imitating their Gods.

This album should open many label's door, but as you know, luck will play its role and we hope that this review will help them. For more info, please check www.alowerdeep.com.

Killing Songs :
The Breed, What Dreams May Come, Misanthrope's Lament, Solitary Throne
Danny quoted 70 / 100
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