Andrew W.K. - I Get Wet
Island Def Jam Music Group
Party Metal
12 songs (35'30")
Release year: 2001
Andrew W.K.
Reviewed by Alex
Crap of the month

Here is the history behind this review. I have this friend that I trade CDRs with once in a while. In one of the shipments he has enclosed this CD, Andrew W.K. I Get Wet. I don’t know where my friend got it, but I hope he didn’t spend his money for it is horrible. Music details later (if you can call this music). I sort of forgot about the whole experience until a few days ago. As I was driving to work I saw one local bar advertising Andrew W.K. show. I couldn’t be confused. Just look at the cover art. Once you see this face it can’t be forgotten. The taped to the door ad looked exactly like the cover. It means some kids will go to this bar and actually pay some $$ to see/hear this. Now, I would have kept my mouth shut if this wasn’t promoted under the cover of METAL. This is where I had to say something.

I know, when you read the style definition of Party Metal you probably thought that Alex lost it. Such thing simply does not exist. Unfortunately, it does. And this is exactly how Andrew W.K. promotes his music. Imagine this. Take some very simple two or three chords and play them on keyboards. Not good quality Yamaha or Casio, but $7.99 variety I am looking to buy my 2.5 year old daughter for Christmas. Add some programmed drums to maintain this jumpy party rhythm. Then, the rest of the instruments, guitars, will simply play those chords time and time again, but be drenched by the cheap keyboards nonetheless. Get the picture? Over all of this we need to imagine the vocals which are pretty much drunken screams and shouts. The lyrics are complicated enough, so that a stupid fraternity boy could understand. With song titles like It’s Time to Party, Party Hard, Party Till You Puke – what else did you want?

I guess my friend wanted to get rid of this, so he quietly slipped it into the package. For unknown reason, I have kept it. This is not worth the plastic it is printed on, and will waste the space in your CD tower. Never ever pay for it, not even a dime, and don’t accept it even as a free gift. The label should be ashamed it signed such “act”. If it was done as a joke or parody, the guys should have kept it to themselves. Not to go on tour with this “art”.

Probably, the all-time record low quote on Metalreviews.

Killing Songs :
I could have picked Party Till You Puke. Would have killed you, literally.
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