Beholder - Wish For Destruction
DragonHeart / SPV
Epic/Symphonic Power Metal
10 songs (52'10)
Release year: 2002
Beholder, DragonHeart
Reviewed by Danny

The growing Italian metal scene has seen the birth of new bands these years. After Rhapsody, Domine or Labyrinth - just to name few of them - a "new" generation of power metal band is surging out of Italy. Beholder is one of them. Wish For Destruction is the follow up of The Legends Begin, their debut album and there are two words coming to my mind when I listen to this new album : impressive evolution !

Beholder's epic/symphonic power metal is really refreshing. I have to admit that the two vocalists - male & female - contribute a lot to this judgment. Both singers have a good voice and their complimentary is evident, like an "old duet". The overall sounds like Nightwish meets Domine. The galloping guitar riffs here and there confirm once again the important contribution of Running Wild to the metal scene. If I had to choose between the two singers, it would be with any doubt the woman ... as she brings most of the emotional moments - like it is the case for Nightwish - and lot's of punch when the tempo gets faster - reminding me sometimes Kimberly from Sinergy (Bleeding Town, 6th track).

My favorite songs are the last track Ultimate Elimination, the title track Wish For Destruction and 7even, all these songs being speedy, epic, melodic and where Leanan Sidhe makes me dreaming with her wonderful "heroic fantasy" voice. As said above, the song-writing has made a huge forward jump. The guitar work - fast tempo, riffs, solos ... what a skill ! - and the originality of the "battling" vocals create a nice powerful style and see the beginning of a personal touch. Yeah, Beholder's debut album seems far away ...

This Italian band represents an interesting challenger for Nightwish, but we will have to wait for the "famous" third record, where we hope Beholder will confirm again their progression. You see, this Wish For Destruction is full of "clichés" taken from other well known bands. The "magical" elements of this band comes from the wedding of Patrick Wire & Leanan Sidhe and from the excellent guitarist. This epic & fantasy music might become impressive if Beholder manages to take it to another higher level. So far Nightwish is leading, even though for the first time since Oceanborn (second Nightwish album), I have the feeling that something serious is cooking here.

Nice shot guys ... you are on the right track :)

Killing Songs :
Ultimate Elimination, Wish For Destruction, 7even
Danny quoted 78 / 100
Chris quoted 65 / 100
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