Kamelot - Epica
Epic & Symphonic True Metal
16 songs (52'11)
Release year: 2003
Kamelot, Sanctuary
Reviewed by Chris
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Kamelot returns with yet another killer release. Honestly this doesn't surprise me the least. The more time passes, the more this band improve their albums, adding more emotions, a more complex song writing, and this originality factor we've come to expect from them. Epica is no exception, and without any doubts the band's most achieved album to date. Once again Sasha Paeth and Miro's production flies on tops of the highest mountains, delivering a pure (virtual) orchestral experience, enhancing Kamelot's incredibly beautiful (not to mention meaningful) songs and anthems.

Like it's predecessor, the incredible Karma, Epica starts with two killer songs in your face. It will take you several days to digest those 2 songs my friends. Center Of The Universe and Farewell can pretty much be compared to their counterparts of the Karma album (Forever & Wings Of Despair). Kamelot music has always been beautiful but quite sad at the same time, with sometime depressive songs, but Epica is a bit more epic and less sad, and that's a welcome change (though only subtlety noticeable). The guitar riffs and arrangements are belonging to another world, quite fast yet so magnificent that even non metal fans can listen to these songs. The piano violins twin combination is once again winner here and Kamelot might not have been what it is today without this special touch in their sound. This album is more complex than before as per the song-writing, being borderline progressive at time, with incredible breaks and original instrument use. Kamelot even delivers you a metal tango song (Lost & Damned), a first as long as I'm concerned :). Like for Fourth Legacy, this album have some arabic influences as well from time to time. Epica adds epic choirs à la Rhapsody to their list of incredible arrangements, adding even more depth than before to some of their songs. While listening to this album, no-one can deny the progression of this band. When I put back Siege Perilous in my player, I have trouble with the production, lots of things are missing in the sound and I can't even finish the album, I immediately feel the need to grasp previous albums and listen to these incredible songs that are Fourth Legacy, Forever, Wings Of Despair and now Center Of The Universe and Farewell (I really welcome a future best-of Kamelot !). Don't get me wrong, I like most of Kamelot's songs (either fast or slow ones), it's just that the one's I cited are somewhat killers of killers songs and of course my all-time favorite from this epic band !

The album contains some slow, mid-tempo songs/moments and their impact on the listening experience is truly divine. There isn't one single boring moment, expect maybe for a few seconds in some interludes, which by the way don't really add much to the album I think (at least some of them).

Simply one of the best bands around (in their category of course, since not everyone like Melodic True Metal). Deep, emotion-packed songs, with lots of spirit and nice technical parts, not to mention majestic melodies. If melody (and symphony) is your game : then Kamelot is definitely a band for you. An incredible listening experience from start to end : this album will surely be one of the main sensation of 2003 and a perfect way to start the year metal-wise. Don't miss Epica for the world ! ... long live Kamelot.

Killing Songs :
Absolutely every one of them : but Center Of The Universe & Farewell are simply not of this world !!!
Chris quoted 96 / 100
Danny quoted 98 / 100
Mike quoted 97 / 100
Jeff quoted 79 /100
Marty quoted 95 / 100
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