Angel Smile - (Demo)
Neo-Classical Progressive Metal
5 songs (28'54)
Release year: 2002
Angel Smile
Reviewed by Marty
Angel Smile is a Switzerland based band (Geneva to be more exact) that really got it's start when lead vocalist David Perrelet (who owned a music store at the time) struck up a conversation about musical ideas with a guitarist, Emanuel Clivez, who came into the store and proceeded in brilliantly executing a Dream Theater solo. The seeds were sown for what was to become Angel Smile. The band has existed since 1995 and other members include Claude Salvador, keyboards, Alex Brun, drums, and Arnaud Neri, bass. We've previously reviewed their first self-financed 8 song demo, Winter On The Roof. This five song demo was recorded by the band and is again self-financed (would somebody please sign these guys!). They are currently trying to land a contract with a label to release it.

The sound of this band is very diverse and varied. Some elements are very progressively flavored with some nice soft guitar and voice passages. Some of the quieter spoken style vocals with quiet clean guitar really bring classic Marillion to mind (actually a favorite band of lead vocalist David Perrelet). Most songs feature some more heavy aggressive guitar, adding a very hard edge to their sound. The contrast between the soft quiet parts and the crunching heavy parts offers a nice refreshing change to what bands like this normally sound like. They offer up some very unique and interesting arrangements with Final Day employing Dream Theater, Kansas style abstract keyboard/guitar riffing. The song features some very cool instrumental breaks and is broken up nicely by some quiet acoustic guitar. Stand Off is a catchy track that mixes classic progressive textures and has a nice mix of very spirited vocals and riffing mixed in with some more menacing voices and heavier chunkier guitar. Don't Die is the power ballad on this release and has some nice acoustic guitar work and some powerful emotional vocals. Springtime is more on the heavier side than most tracks on this demo and uses keyboard orchestration to produce a nice effect. It has a good chorus and mixes some almost funky style rhythms with more aggressive ones. Winter On the Roof has a more thematic style and begins with a quiet and dramatic intro. A mix of quiet and heavy guitar parts eventually builds to a big, powerful climax with power chord riffs and soaring vocals.

I like this band. I'm also a big fan of progressive rock (besides metal) and this band mixes the two styles quite well. They have created a very diverse sound encompassing many different styles of metal and progressive rock. The only fault would be that I found the singer's voice a little cold and could really use some more emotion and feel. Other than that, he has a great voice. From one song to the next, it's hard to believe that you're listening to the same band. Their sound is a little too diversified and it's hard to pick up a distinctive style or character for this band. With a little work on polishing their approach and being more focussed in their musical direction, I would expect great things from this band. Fans of such bands as Dream Theater, Everon, Requiem etc. and fans of good progressive metal should keep watch for this band. I have a good feeling about their future and if(when) they sign a recording contract, I really am looking forward to hearing their debut full length album.

Killing Songs :
Final Day and Winter On The Roof
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