Dionysus - Sign Of Truth
AFM Records
Melodic Power Metal
11 songs (60'13)
Release year: 2002
Dionysus, AFM Records
Reviewed by Marty
Surprise of the month
In looking at the background of all of the members in this band, Dionysus almost takes on the status of a supergroup. You have Johnny Ohlin, guitar and Magnus Noberg, bass, both ex-Nation members, Ronny Milianowicz, drums, ex-Sinergy, Kasper Dahlqvist, keyboards, ex-Stormwind/Sahara and Olaf Hayer, vocals, who is well known and respected in the metal scene and is currently the lead vocalist for Luca Turilli's solo project. In spite of this, this band has actually existed for three years now and is a very serious endeavor by all involved, not just a side project. The band has opened for such acts as Freedom Call, In Flames and Blaze. This album is their first full length release after having released a demo a couple of years ago. The album has a very good and powerful production, due in most part to it being produced by none other than Tobias Sammet Edguy, Avantasia (someone who knows a thing or two about creating great Power Metal!).

Listening to the first couple of tracks, I started to think that this band was nothing more than a Helloween, Freedom Call, Stratovarius copy-cat. The first two tracks feature a speedy melodic Power Metal style with big happy sing-along choruses, much like the aforementioned bands. After that, the band settles in to deliver a solid melodic Power Metal album with lots of variety in song styles and arrangements. The sound of some of the member's past bands sneaks in a little too as you have some of the Neo-classical sound of Nation mixed in with a more heavier, double bass style that was the sound of Sinergy. Bringer Of Salvation features a very meaty Primal Fear type guitar riff structure and sound and is a great anthemic Power Metal track. Ralf Scheepers, Primal Fear makes a guest apperance as well providing some vocals. The best track, for sure is Holy war, an awesome speedy double bass Power Metal song that just cooks. After hearing it for the first time there was only one option...play it again! Olaf Hayer's voice is just excellent on this album. His voice is strong and clear and provides the perfect voice for this band's style of music. The rest of the album is a mix of some mid-tempo and slower heavier stuff with a couple of good power ballads. Some of the riffing and guitar leads have a very Yngwie Malmsteen type of sound to them. Johnny Ohlin's guitar playing is outstanding and doesn't overindulge too much with the solos, sticking to what fits and what is right for the songs. Kasper Dahlqvist's style of keyboard playing contributes a nice subtle Neo-classical edge to their music.

Overall, an excellent debut! This band has a great melodic sense about them and they know how to mix in some instantly likeable Melodic Metal with some more intricate and heavier Power Metal styles. There's a great variety of songs and most are very well written and arranged. The choruses are catchy, as are the riffs and overall musical style of this band. There's really only one track that failed to really do much for me, other than that, a great example of how to take influences from other bands, add your own unique twist to the song arrangements, and deliver a great album. Any fan of Melodic Metal and/or Melodic Power Metal, especially bands like Helloween, Stratovarius, Freedom Call and Heavenly will certainly find lots to like about this album. They tend to have a familiar sound to their music, but unlike some newer bands that simply copy other band's styles, Dionysus excels far and above most other newcomers by actually writing great songs.....highly recommended!!

Killing Songs :
Bringer Of Salvation, Anthem For The Children and Holy War
Marty quoted 84 / 100
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