Zakk Wylde - Stronger Than Death
Spitfire Records
Heavy/Power Metal
10 songs (41'28)
Release year: 2000
Spitfire Records
Reviewed by Danny

Some of you will say I am a bit "hard" with Zakk. Some will say I should not compare this album with Ozzy's records.
But honestly, between you and me, can I ? I am a bit disappointed with this Stronger Than Death.
Some will finally say it is maybe not my cup of tea. Definitely.

First thing : I cannot afford those vocals. Secondly it is heavy, for sure, but it is too "draft" for me. Too many elements have been mixed together and sorry, we are very far (who said on the moon ?) from what I call heavy metal. I don't want to blame anybody, but the "mixing" of this album doesn't convince me. Adding different effects (guitars and other sound) can create sometimes terrific songs, but one this record it is just killing them. Of course, the guitar is good, excellent, from heavy to fast, from distorted to clean riffs ... but it doesn't save Stronger Than Death (which , by the way, isn't !).

Metal or rock shouldn't be catchy, heavy, fast, surprising ? Ok it is really heavy, but I haven't found in this record a single "hit" or song should I say to sing in my shower, in my car, in my head. Sorry.

Killing Songs :
Just Killing Time (8th track)
Danny quoted 55 / 100
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