Taetre - Divine Misanthropic Madness
Mighty Music
Death / Thrash Metal
11 songs (34:49)
Release year: 2002
Taetre, Mighty Music
Reviewed by Crims

With a title like Divine Misanthropic Madness you would think this latest release by Taetre was the newest offering from Dimmu Borgir. CD name aside, what we have here is simply a head bangin’ good time. Taetre play Melodic Death/Thrash Metal not too dissimilar from bands such as Hatesphere, At The Gates, and The Haunted. Although I wouldn’t call them copycats, since they been releasing material before most bands playing this style had a full-length under their belt.

The song arrangements contain no real surprises in the sense of new elements, but things avoid becoming stale by clever use of song progression and a pleasing atmosphere. All the songs, not including the intro and outro, are full-speed ahead Death Thrashers with only a couple of moments that allow for a breather; hence the head bangin’ good time notion, since you will be doing a lot of that while listening to this release. The vocals are well done; sounding just different enough from other bands to avoid becoming boring, and everyone can play their instrument to the desired level for music like this- not overly technical but precise and tight. There are a number of standout tracks that are full of vicious drum runs and choppy riffs including my favorite, No Love, Diabolical Age, and Reclaiming The Spirit, the latter features some of the more interesting guitar work found on the CD.

The low points of Divine Misanthropic Madness revolve around some songs being too short and underdeveloped. The best example is Paint A Whore As A Saint which is really killer but ends way too soon, clocking in at under 2:30, the last portion being samples. Also, despite the aforementioned killer tracks, certain songs just don’t seem as inspired. I personally don’t consider them filler, probably just because they’re still good for head banging, but more finicky Metal listeners will probably dismiss 2-3 tracks as filler, but then again, some won’t.

I did like this more than Hatesphere’s Bloodred Hatred in the Death/Thrash genre, despite Hatesphere being more original and technically impressive from both a playing and song writing point of view; it is just a simple fact that this was more fun to listen to. Although, the score will still be lower than Hatesphere due to the recent rating scale change. I recommend this release to any Metal fans looking for something that you can get into right away, head bang away, and come away satisfied at the end of the CD.

Killing Songs :
Virus, No Love, Pathetic / Organic, Diabolical Age, Destroy The Dreamvoid, Reclaiming The Spirit
Crims quoted 78 / 100
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