Mayhem - Grand Declaration Of War
Season Of Mist
Norwegian Black Metal
13 songs (45'52)
Release year: 2000
Mayhem, Season Of Mist
Reviewed by Kenneth
Album of the month

I must say that Mayhem's new album, is THE surprise album of the year. Ever since I started listening to Mayhem's brutal abuse of metal music, I would never have thought they would make a album like "Grand Declaration Of War".

Many People will say Mayhem have whimped out, and in a way they have, but I would more prefer to it as "growing up". Everybody grows up, even Mayhem, and in a way it's (almost) about time, but to clear things up : I must say that I really like Mayhem's previous releases (even "Deathcrush"). But let us not forget the most important thing here! The Music.

The old Mayhem is still here, but in a different way, and style. Maniac & the boys mix alot of their wellknown brutality, with new and modern sounds of Arcturus, Dødheimsgaard (now DHG), and Ulver. If you are not into these mentioned bands, "Grand Declaration Of War", will take some time to get use to. I am one, that is not into electronic music in general, but here it works, but it takes time. I think I listen to it about 10-12 times before i liked it, so don't push it aside, the first time you hear it. What I am trying to say here, is that Mayhem's new album, is a great album, from a great band, who understands to mix old with new. This is the future of modern Black Metal, like it or not.

Killing Songs :
"In the lies where upon you lay", "view from nihil" and "A time to die"
Kenneth quoted 90 / 100
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