Luca Turilli - Demonheart (EP)
Limb Music Products
Symphonic Power Metal
6 songs (24'59)
Release year: 2002
Luca Turilli, Limb Music Products
Reviewed by Crims

Here is it, the teaser EP courtesy of Luca Turilli. Demonheart, which foreshadows the next full length from Rhapsody’s guitarist, features two songs from the forthcoming EP, an edited track from King Of The Nordic Twilight, two unreleased tracks, and a Helloween cover.

While some complained that King Of The Nordic Twilight was a very poor effort from Luca Turilli, mostly because it sounded too much like Rhapsody; I for one thought it was a quality release, probably only because I am a big fan of Rhapsody, so I guess “leftover” Rhapsody material still rates high in my book. So we’ll start with the tracks from the next full-length: Demonheart and Prophet Of The Last Eclipse. Both of these songs I really liked, and guess that? They are not a Rhapsody clone. Of course, the symphonic and melodic properties are very similar, and the style of song writing is largely the same but subtle differences now occur that starts to slightly set Turilli’s solo work apart from his work in Rhapsody. The first aspect which is different are the keyboards; the keys are still symphonic most of the time but they now also incorporate more electronic elements, almost kind of like futuristic synth. Don’t mistake me, this is still very Metal, not to mention quite speedy, but it is a welcome change of pace and gives the songs a lot of energy and power, that perhaps some felt was missing with King Of The Nordic Twilight. The drums also seem to be louder, once again giving the songs more force. Also, the folk and medieval elements seemed to be toned down in favor of the aforementioned electronic elements and symphonic properties.

The unreleased tracks, one of which is a short medieval sounding instrumental called Rondeau In C Minor blends into the full track, Black Realm’s Majesty. Black Realm’s Majesty is typical Rhapsody style Power Metal- I guess it was left over from King Of The Nordic Twilight. The song is fast, folk influenced, and catchy- in fact, it is actually a solid track and a welcome addition to the EP, that is, assuming you liked King Of The Nordic Twilight. The title track from King Of The Nordic Twilight also appears on here, and there isn’t much to say since the edit won’t really change your mind on the song, either you liked it or you didn’t… or perhaps you never heard it to begin with. To close things off, Demonheart ends with a cover of the classic Helloween song, I’m Alive. Turilli and friends did an excellent job with this cover, adding more symphonic elements, while maintaining the core feel of the original track. Olaf Hayer does a great job on vocals, I could swear it is Michael Kiske singing at certain parts, and to also touch on Hayer further, his English pronunciation seems to have improved a lot on the new tracks, which is a good thing.

I’m not a big supporter of the whole EP thing, as most of them aren’t worth the time- I say just wait for the full length, but this is one EP I recommend, if not only for the Helloween cover. If you were slightly disappointed by King Of The Nordic Twilight, I would say give Demonheart and the subsequent LP a chance (assuming the song quality remains the same), because it looks like some song writing elements have changed. If you’re already fan of Rhapsody and Luca Turilli’s solo work, I think you’re in for a treat.

Killing Songs :
Demonheart, Prophet Of The Last Eclipse, Black Realm's Majesty, I'm Alive
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