Virtuocity - Secret Visions
Spinefarm Records
Malmteen's metal
10 songs (53'30)
Release year: 2002
Virtuocity, Spinefarm Records
Reviewed by Danny
Surprise of the month

After Sonata Arctica, which is one of the best newcomers in the European melodic heavy/speed metal scene, Virtuocity is another promising newcomer coming from Finland sounding very much like Malmsteen. Where Sonata Arctica have already their own sound to stand out of the crowd, Virtuocity will have a tough time to stand out of the same crowd with their sound being a mix of Malmsteen and Sonata Arctica.

Behind the main compositor, bass & guitar player Jaron Sebastian Raven stands a nice dream team lineup :
- Jaska Raatikainen (drums, Children Of Bodom)
- Marco Hietala (guest vocalist, Nightwith, Tarot)
- Janne Tolsa (keyboards, Tarot).

This lineup would not be complete without the wonderful voice of Peter James Goodman.

The keyboards & the guitar are undoubtedly inspired by Malmsteen, even though Stratovarius are not far away when the tempo gets faster. The good thing here is the bright colors of the songs, with a lot of feelings for the melodies and the right tempo. There is no doubt these musicians are talented, but there is also no doubt they have not fully digested their direct influences.

The only real difference noted in Secret Visions would be this "prog & oriental" touch (Pharaoh's Dream, Crucified, No Destination, Tears Of Babylon). The highlight on Secret Visions are Rise & Rules (Malmsteen touch), Pharaoh's Dream (reminding me the first Majesty album) and the bombastic Speed Of Light (Helloween meets Stratovarius). Classified in the heavy/speed metal scene - what a traffic these years in this genre - Virtuocity has the talent of Majesty, Kenziner, Thunderstone, Sonata Arctica and of course Stratovarius. However, they will have to come with something stronger for their next effort - like did Sonata Arctica with Silence - to really impress the crowd out there.

If you like the above-mentioned bands, you should definitely check this band. A bit "classic", a bit "easy" ... but I have to admit that the overall is well done, very well done. The spotlight is on you guys and the most difficult task arrives now : confirm our first impression.

Killing Songs :
Rise & Rules, Pharaoh's Dream, Speed Of Light
Danny quoted 78 / 100
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