Rotting Christ - Genesis
Century Media
Dark Death Metal
10 songs (51'26)
Release year: 2002
Rotting Christ, Century Media
Reviewed by Jack
I have always thought of Rotting Christ as good band but, nevertheless, I must say that I have always thought that the band has so far released only average albums. I have never been a huge fan of the band, although I own four of their latest releases, Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers, A Dead Poem, Sleep Of The Angels and Khronos. For me, the problem with Rotting Christ was their inability to come up with one strong album for once. All of their previous efforts contained a couple of great songs, a bunch of average songs and a couple of terrible songs. In fact I have always felt something was missing in their music. This new album made me change my mind.

Their latest release, Genesis, contains more than the usual couple of great songs found on their previous work. This new album has a bunch of great songs such as Lex Talionis, Quintessence, Nightmare, In Domine Sathana, Dying, Ad Noctis and Under The Name Of Legion. The few remaining songs being the average ones. The only weak song is the opening track, Daemons. If you consider this, then you’ll understand why their seventh album made me change my mind. The band confirms with this album the return to the metal heaviness of their earlier material as featured on Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers and Khronos, but they don’t lose their dark, gothic aspect as found on A Dead Poem and Sleep Of The Angels. They have reached the perfect blend between the two musical influences from their past albums, blending collections of heavy and aggressive riffs with great complex guitar harmonies, along with an incredible atmosphere created on this album by the use of a female chorale and Gregorian choir. Once again the keyboards are playing a vital role in their musical landscape.

This album urges me on, delving myself back into their back catalog to see if I haven’t missed anything. This is definitely a great album that will finally take Rotting Christ to new dimensions of fame.

Killing Songs :
Lex Talionis, Quintessence, Nightmare, In Domine Sathana, Dying, Ad Noctis, Under The Name Of Legion
Jack quoted 90 / 100
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